Media Releases

Stora Enso chooses Port of Brisbane as new Queensland base

Stora Enso, a leading provider of renewable wood and bio material products with world-wide operations, has pre-committed to a 5,950sqm purpose-built warehouse facility on a 1.8 hectare site within the Port of Brisbane’s Port West logistics estate at Lytton, Brisbane.

Cruise ship terminal plan steams ahead

Plans for a new mega-cruise ship terminal near the mouth of the Brisbane River have progressed, with stakeholders reaching in-principle agreement with proponents Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd on crucial commercial and technical issues.

Port of Brisbane News

Changes to Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd Trade Charges

From 1 July 2017, the Trade Charges levied by the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) will be adjusted on all products by 1.6% – a level broadly in line with the Consumer Price Indexes (CPI).

Port of Brisbane and partners play their part in supporting Clean-Up Australia Day

On Sunday 5 March, Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) hosted Clean-Up Australia Day and tree-planting activities at the port, working with local partners Tangalooma EcoMarines, B4C and Queensland Urban Utilities.  Around 100 people participated in the clean-up and tree planting activities, which took place on part of the Port’s dedicated environmental areas, adjacent to the Moreton Bay Marine Park. 

Operational Notification

Operational notification #21 Port Drive Upgrade – Upcoming out of hours’ work and deliveries

PBPL would like to advise that there will be out of hours’ work along Lucinda Drive on Tuesday 18 April from 6pm to 6am:

Operational notification #19: Port Drive Upgrade – Upcoming out of hours’ work

Drainage and public utility relocation preparation works will be undertaken out of hours along Port Drive (off road) on Saturday 18 March from 6am to 6pm. Further drainage works will be carried out near the Kite Street roundabout from Sunday 19 March to Thursday 24 March between 6pm and 6am.