Managing construction

Maintaining traffic flow and access

Two lanes of traffic in each direction will be maintained along Port Drive, Lucinda Drive, Kite Street and Osprey Drive during construction.
Access will also be maintained to the Lake and the Whyte Island boat ramp as well as the footpath between Pritchard Street and Kite Street throughout construction.

As part of the upgrade, a number of existing public utility services will need to be relocated or upgraded. This means that construction activities will also be undertaken along the local road network (Port Drive, Kite Street, Osprey Drive and Lucinda Drive).

Traffic controllers will provide access to local businesses adjacent to the project area, where required. Further details will be provided prior to these works starting.

What to expect during construction?

  • Use of construction equipment such as excavators, graders, rollers, trucks, piling rigs and cranes
  • Noise and possibly some vibration around the work site, associated with the use of construction equipment
  • VMS boards advising of the upcoming works
  • Some out of hours work to minimise traffic impacts
  • Traffic controllers and signage directing motorists, pedestrians and cyclists through the project area.

Working with stakeholders

Seymour Whyte is committed to minimising impacts during construction of the Port Drive upgrade and looks forward to working with stakeholders throughout the project.

If you would like further information about the project, please email or contact 1800 895 929.