Apply for an MSIC

Anyone working within a maritime security zone requires to have and display a Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC). If you need to enter a maritime security zone even once a year, you will need an MSIC.

The MSIC is a nationally consistent identification card which confirms that the holder has met the minimum background checking requirements to work in a maritime and/or offshore security zone. An MSIC is not an access control card, and possession of an MSIC does not provide the right of entry to any facility within a maritime security zone. Access to maritime security zones is managed by the Maritime Industry Participant (MIP), or facility operator.

PBPL is an approved issuing body so you can apply for an MSIC card at our MSIC Centre.

Some facilities offer access cards or dual application of their MSICs. We recommend that you access the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government  website to view a list of all approved issuing bodies and select the one that best suits your requirements.

To apply for an MSIC at our MSIC Centre click here.


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